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Saturday, December 31, 2005

My New Year Seed

Oh my! What a seed awaited me in the packet I selected. I've never seen one this huge! I hope the pot I put it in is big enough.

The seed I received is perfect for me. It looks like a little clay ball. I have been enjoying playing with clay recently, so this seed will likely be the beginning of further clay adventures.

Being as large at is it, there's so much more it will hold for me in the coming year. Some of which I hope will include:
• Increased time for creativity and indulging my imagination
• A year filled with enough joy and laughter to balance out any pain or sorrow that is inevitable
• Career challenges that excite me rather than stress me out
• Find an in-person community to inspire me and befriend me as well as my online communities do
• More time, and motivation, to get outside and enjoy nature...ever with my camera with me to capture the beauty
• Find a balance between work time, home time, family time, partner time, me time

This is a lot for this seed to accomplish, but I have faith in it. It's a strong seed. I only hope it will sprout. Here in the shade of my treehouse where gentle breezes blow, I'm not sure if the conditions are condusive to sprouting. I'll tend to it carefully every day and adjust its location for the greatest amount of sunshine, warmth, and rain. Maybe under my watchful care, the seed will know it is in a loving home and will easily open up for me bearing goodness, joy, and miracles.

My Home

As there are only 25 rooms in this rambling estate and more than 25 guests, I found my perfect home just outside the Manor. Wandering through the woods, drawn there by the glorious elms Imogen pointed out to me, I found the home of my dreams. Here I can live right among nature. My windows look out upon the birds, squirrels, and other great and wonderful creatures I'm sure live in this forest.

The tree house image I found at
The sunset photo is one I took.